Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NISD Facilities Master Planning/Bond Program Outlined

Navasota ISD has been assessing the physical condition, security, and capacity of its facilities. The results of these assessments, coupled with a demographics study that indicates, by current enrollment trends, the school district will experience overcrowding as soon as 2015, has led the Navasota ISD Board of Trustees and school district administration to begin the development of a new facilities master plan.

In November, the Texas Association of School Boards On-Site Division presented to the Board of Trustees the results from its comprehensive assessment of Navasota ISD's facilities. The findings were focused on three major issues:
  1. Condition of the building infrastructure (roofs, mechanical systems, equipment and furnishings, foundations, etc.)
  2. Safety and security (security from intrusion, student drop-off and pick-up, surveillance, etc.)
  3. Capacity (the number of students that can reasonably be accommodated in the building).
Heading up the list, the aging infrastructure in the core of the high school building, built in 1975, along with the junior high school, have the most infrastructure needs. Roofing, ADA accessibility, foundation issues, furnishings, and the age and poor condition of mechanical equipment were all noted. At every campus, a lack of adequate protection from intrusion was noted. There is no secure vestibule to control access to the buildings and a lack of adequate camera surveillance was noted. The district's campuses range from 90-96 percent capacity. The demographic study suggests an enrollment growth of 20 percent over the next 10 years, which would result in every campus having a lack of adequate space. Current enrollment trends, coupled with recent announcements of business and industry growth in the area, add validity to the growth projections.

These factors, in addition to the changing educational needs of our students, lead us to ask for the assistance of the community in planning for the improvement of our schools. A series of five meetings will be held over the next eight weeks to develop a plan. The first meeting of the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) will be an introductory meeting Dec. 19, to discuss the process, introduce the key participants, and set some general outlines of the plan. The second meeting of the PAC will be to respond to input, develop options, and look at cost projections.  The third meeting, the committee will look at responses to surveys and determine current and future program options. The fourth meeting, the committee will narrow its focus to one option, prepare a budget plan, and develop a presentation for the school board. Finally, the fifth meeting will be to make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

The Planning Advisory Committee will comprised of a vast array of individuals, including parents, students, business representatives, school district representatives, and representatives from the Texas Association of School Boards and the SHW Group, specialists in school facility improvement. The school district is seeking representation from all areas of the community. Please contact Tim Seymore (936.825.4224) for more information.

Facilities Assessment, Fall 2013
Texas Association of School Boards On-Site Division

Demographic Study, Fall 2013
Templeton Demographics